From the Streets to the Runway: Explore Our Urban Fashion Selection

Upper Level : From the Streets to The Runway

Urban fashion has been around for decades, but it has recently become more mainstream and accepted in the fashion industry. Upper Level is proud to offer a wide selection of urban fashion styles, from Bape to Purple Brand. Our inventory selection includes everything from hoodies and t-shirts to shoes and pants. Upper Level makes it easy to find the perfect urban fashion style for you. You can also place orders quickly and easily, with secure checkout options available for added peace of mind. With our fast shipping times, you'll have your new urban fashion pieces in no time! Explore Upper Level's urban fashion selection today and find something that fits you!


Urban Fashion Trends:


Fashion in the city is always evolving, with some of the most popular styles being oversized pieces, streetwear, activewear, and bright colors and designs. Sustainable fashion and upcycling are becoming increasingly popular as people become more conscious of their environmental impact. Other trendy pieces include cropped jackets, chunky sneakers, and oversized denim jackets.


Check out our range of products by brand, color, and size. Our store and website both feature a variety of brands, including:


Nike Brand Jordan

Bape Hoodies

Fear of God: Essentials


Anti Social Club

Purple Brand

and More


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